Breathable Film

Non-woven fabric (Non-woven fabric) is the term to refer to the fabric created not by the weaving or knitting method. This is a fabric made of Polypropylene particles - synthetic resins, depending on the purpose of use, there will be some other recycled components. These materials are pulled into individual fibers and bound together by chemical solvents or mechanical heat from modern machinery to create lightweight, thin, porous and highly durable fabrics. This fabric was born as the non-woven fabric because it does not undergo weaving process like other common fabrics.

Characteristics of non-woven fabric

  • No need to be woven but still fabric: Nonwoven fabric is formed on the basis of using the thermal effects of modern machines or solvents to bind, link separate fibers together without weaving.
  • Friendly with people and the environment: Non-woven fabrics are trusted and used to make products that require high safety

Application of nonwoven fabric

  • In the field of agriculture: To prevent insects, fight against bacteria and prevent insects
  • In the field of apparel: underclothes, tops, hat liners, corsets, performance apparel, shoe soles or shoe liners, bags such as supermarket bags, tablecloths, advertising bags, bags of environmental protection products, ...

Technical information

Injection molding machining parameters

Each type of plastic injection machine will have a specific machining parameter. Based on the operating conditions of different types of machinery to draw some common points in the processing parameters, the operators of the machine should have basic knowledge as follows:

1.Finished plate specification δ=0.02-0.3MM width=4000mm
2. Maximum capacity 800kg/h
3. Line speed 2-150m/min.
4. Maximum diameter around 800mm
5. Winding style Double station, central coil, automatic tension control design
6. Machine color Standard color of the company


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