“Well known as a world leading in hygiene film industry products for baby care, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence with 30 years of experiences, Dae Myung acknowledges that relentless quality improvement to achieve Customer satisfaction is our supreme mission. We commit to utilize all of our resources to perform this mission”

“Offering the highest quality and best services to customers is my prime directive”. SaysPark Jong Dae, Chief Executive Officer.


Established in 1990 as a Korean-owned Company with the first factory in Mungyeong, Korea. Dae Myung is well – known as one of the key suppliers in Hygiene PE film business in Asia Pacific and world – wide.

Starting up as a pioneer of the field from 1990s, Dae Myung has built up its own know – how, technology and huge contribution to the development of the hygiene industry

In 2005, Dae Myung started the first steps in Vietnam by operating a new factory near Ho Chi Minh City, with the aim to have a better serve for the customers regionally and globally

In 2008, Dae Myung launched the protective film for automotive, supplying to HyunDai and KIA Motor in Korea, USA, India, Turkey and other destinations

From 2009, for a better quality and cost control, Dae Myung N&C (Non-Woven & Compound) and Dae Myung Ink companies in both Korea and Vietnam were established to provide self-sufficient key materials in production


Dae Myung Korea

Established in 1990
Has been focusing on breathable film for hygiene purpose over 30 years
Location: Gyeongsangbuk Province, Korea
(150km from Seoul)
Site : 35,000 ㎡ (Mill : 10,000 ㎡)
Factory #1 : 13,000 ㎡
Factory #2 : 5,000 ㎡
Factory #3 : 5,000 ㎡
Factory #4 : 12,000 ㎡


Dae Myung Vietnam

Established in 2005
Location: Long Thanh Industrial Park,
Dong Nai Province, Vietnam(40km from HCMC)
Site : 106,000 ㎡ (Mill : 30,000 ㎡)
Factory #1 : 13,000 ㎡
Factory #2 : 6,000 ㎡
Factory #3 : 26,000 ㎡
Factory #4 : 11,000 ㎡
Factory #5 : 50,000 ㎡

Our activities

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